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  1. Plural of outpost

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Outposts, Journeys to the surviving relics of the British Empire (ISBN 0141011890) is a book by Simon Winchester. It details his travels to each of the remaining dependencies of the British Empire and was first published in 1985. It was reprinted in 2003 with a new foreword written to address the changing political climate and attitudes in relation to the British Empire, in particular the hand over of Hong Kong to China.
The book takes on an elegaic tone as Winchester searches hopefully for remnants of imperial order, and as such marks a distinct period during Margaret Thatcher's government when a resurgence of British patriotism was mismatched to its still-diminishing former empire. This is particularly evident in his chapter on the Falkland Islands, which Britain had just defended from an Argentine invasion in 1982.
In Outposts, Winchester travels to, or writes about, the following places.

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